Bets In Blackjack: How They Work

How does Blackjack betting work? One of the most popular casino games, even in the online blackjack version, is relatively simple and the relative bets have few special cases. As soon as the players have made their first bet, the entry bet, the dealer, going from right to left, distributes a card face up to each player, closing the round with himself. Then he makes a second round of face up cards, but without distributing any to himself. At this point the dealer reads the score of each player in descending order of score, inviting him to express his game: that is, whether to ask for an additional card to approach, without exceeding it, the score of 21 or if ‘ stare ‘, that is, stay still.

Blackjack: What Happens After The First Few Bets

If the player goes ahead and busts, ie goes over 21, his bet is forfeited by the dealer. Once the players have made their choices it’s up to the dealer, who when he has a score below 17 must necessarily move on. Equalized or exceeded 17, he must instead stop, while if he exceeds 21 he busts and pays all the bets left on the table. In the end, only those who have not busted remain on the field and the dealer pays the combinations with a higher score than his, neutralizes the even ones and collects the one with a lower score.

If with the first two cards the players have 9 to 11 points in total, they can double the bet but committing to call only one card. If the first two cards are of the same value the player can make the so-called split, with three options: separate the cards and add an equal bet on the second, continue the game as if the player had two first cards, add one card on each separate card.

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