2D Barcode To address rising concerns over identity theft and security  threats, Datastrip offers a high-density two-dimensional bar code technology  called 2D Superscript that can easily store biometric templates, photographs  (color and grayscale) and text in a bar code the size of a magnetic stripe....
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Biometrics information resource

Biometrics Iris recognition Signature recognition Multimodal biometrics 2D barcodes Standards White papers Fingerprint recognition Voice recognition Keystroke dynamics Smart card biometrics Organizations Applications Articles Face recognition Hand geometry Card technologies Wireless technologies AFIS Resources Vendors
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Card technologies

Card technologies NFC Memory cards Smartcards Contactless smartcards Magnetic cards Barcode NFC Near field communication (NFC) is a set of  standards for smartphones and similar devices to establish radio communication  with each other by touching them together or bringing them into close proximity,  usually no...
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Biometrics Applications

Biometrics is a rapidly evolving technology which is being widely used in  forensics such as criminal identification and prison security, and has the potential to be used in a large range of civilian application areas. Biometrics  can be used to prevent unauthorized access to ATMs, cellular...
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Iris recognition information

Iris recognition
Iris recognition information Iris scan biometrics employs the unique characteristics and features of the human iris in order to verify the identity of an individual. The iris is the area of the eye where the pigmented or coloured circle, usually brown or blue, rings the...
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Applications Time Attendance Access control Identification card Immigration checks Police records Customer identification, Loyalty programs Security systems Patient management in hospitals Public welfare programs management Preventing identity theft Membership management in clubs, libraries etc. Enterprise network security Transaction management Banking, ATMs RAVIRAJ Technologies
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How it works

Biometric-based authenticatio
Biometrics systems How it works Biometric systems convert data derived from behavioral or physiological characteristics into templates, which are used for subsequent matching. This is a multi-stage process whose stages are described below. Enrollment – The process whereby a user’s initial biometric sample or samples...
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Introduction Biometrics are automated methods of recognizing a person based on a physiological or behavioural characteristic. Among the features measured are; face, fingerprints, hand geometry, handwriting, iris, retinal, vein, and voice. Biometric technologies are becoming the foundation of an extensive array of highly secure identification...
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Verification vs Identification

A biometric system is essentially a pattern recognition system which makes a personal identification by determining the authenticity of a specific physiological or behavioral characteristic possessed by the user. An important issue in designing a practical system is to determine how an individual is identified....
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hand geometry

Hand Geometry   This biometric approach uses the geometric form of the hand for confirming an individual’s identity. Because human hands are not unique, specific features must be combined to assure dynamic verification. Some hand-scan devices measure just two fingers, others measure the entire hand....
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